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Connecting Science and Society

Pure science research stimulates radical ideation—the creative thinking that leaps beyond the expected to imagine the possible—and, in the process, influences economic development, social welfare, and every day life. 
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The Need for Understanding

S2B | Science Bridges and Space Bridges is an international advisory firms that help clients strategize and develop their market presence and positioning.

Clients engage us to help them define market opportunity and achieve development goals—reaching target audiences including leaders in industry, science and academia, civic authorities, and the public at large.

We translate insights on national policy and cultural contexts into actionable plans that facilitate cooperative multinational initiatives in pure science research, space exploration, and advanced technology.

Our value proposition is simple:  We deliver insight, expertise, and a world of connections that facilitate success.

Science research and space exploration involve high stakes games that push the boundaries of culture, policy, commerce, and even philanthropy. New technologies open new opportunities—but the expense and complexity demand multi-national programs. Competing in this climate demands more expertise and agility than ever before. And savvy leaders value nuanced insight that will help them successfully navigate through these opportunities.

What we do enables clients to significantly reduce the risk and cost of market entry. By staying attuned to social, political, and international relations climates—and leveraging our extensive network—we identify aligned interests, make connections, and ignite new conversations that drive successful strategy execution. 

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